Thursday, May 3, 2012

Singapore part 3

On my last day in Singapore, me and my bf spend our little time in the hotel. We was go to the pool on 57th floor, and the view was so amazing! The funny one was no one swim in the pool, most of them get in the pool to take a picture, they wearing sun glasses.

pool view - 57th floor (rooftop)

Me and my bf take a walk in Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall, there was canoes in the artificial river . There was also a artificial waterfall in the centre lobby. At that time, in Marina Bay Sands Museum there was a Titanic exhibition but I'm not getting in to the museum because I have no time for it :(


We decided to having lunch first before we go to Changi Airport, then we choose Kraze Burgers in Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall ( across Rasapura FoodCourt ). Kraze Burgers was so crowded, I had to wait at a moment  to got a table for two person. The menu was very tempting, there was a lot of choices of burger. I picked semi nude burger, my bf picked maximum hot and potato wedges. The potato was so yummy, there was mayonnaise and chili sauce on top of the potatoes. I love semi nude burger, because there was a soft-fried egg. Maximum hot burger was not hot enough for me, I can't tasted any chilly inside. Overall Kraze Burgers is recommended! :) We spend about S$ 50.00 for two burgers, a potato wedges, and two mineral waters.

Kraze Burgers
the atmosphere
semi nude
maximum hot
potato wedges

On 05.50 PM Lion Air take us back to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. It was an unforgettable short trip and I hope I can get another trip to other countries :)

good bye Singapore - JT 161

see you next :)

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